1. Unk
    Atlanta, Georgia
  2. Project Pat
    Memphis, Tennessee
  3. Onyx
    Queens, New York
  4. DMX
    New York, New York
  5. Wu Trax
    New York, New York
  6. Afroman
    Palmdale, California
  7. Jagged Edge
    Atlanta, Georgia
  8. KRS-One
    New York, New York
  9. Evante
    San Jose, California
  10. Mike Jones
    Houston, Texas
  11. OnPlanetZu
    Los Angeles, California
  12. Layzie Bone
    Cleveland, Ohio


X-Ray Records Los Angeles, California

X-Ray Records
A Division Of Cleopatra Records, Inc.

X-Ray Records released albums by SX-10 (featuring Sen Dog of Cypress Hill), KRS-One, and Gangsta Rap godfathers, Westside Connection!

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